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Web Site Hosting

If you own a website that's of any value to you or your site visitors, you should invest in a reputable, stable website host to provide fast, reliable, always-on access as well as solid security systems to prevent theft of data from your site or malicious defacement.

The J.D. Fox Micro website and e-mail system (including the J.D. Fox Micro Secure Website) have been hosted for many years by WestHost, an excellent company based in Utah. Although we can make no guarantees as to the appropriateness of WestHost's offerings for your particular needs, we can say that we have found their competence and reliability to be top-notch, while remaining very inexpensive for a quality web hosting provider. Also, the availability, responsiveness, technical knowledge, and customer-service skills of their technical support staff exceed those of any other technical services provider we have ever dealt with in 18 years in this business—and they're small enough that we know many of their staff by name. Do not sign up with anyone else until you have given WestHost a fair shot.